My introduction to skiing gates - Performance Camp that really delivered!

Hinterux/ Austria/ Performance Camp 2023

Last year (Dec 2022) was the first camp we did, a test so to speak! It was also the first time I'd ever put myself into this type of "ski" atmosphere! I've been lucky enough to ski a lot (its been a daily part of my life since 1994), and I was nervous about "racing", "gates", "really good skiers" and so on. This didn't put me off, it was exciting to go into the "unknown" - What came out of it, was really interesting...!

I was struck by the people, multiple backgrounds, all with a different story, the comradery. Everyone was at a different ability, many also undertaking the experience for the first time. It was great to have the "seasoned pros" (once a noob, loved it and repeated) intwined within the groups, there were no ego's, just a group of people wanting to ski & have a great time.

The coaches - they really know what they are doing, and every single person benefitted. I couldn't quite believe it, but what I learnt and changed in a very short space of time, for me personally, was outstanding. I won't bore you with details, but I think back on this now, as I write, and I can picture exactly what I have to do the next time I step onto my planks.
I say coaches, but there is a thoroughbred of quality, Chemmy Alcott, Britain best ever female is there with her own set of personally picked coaches from CDC Performance (Chemmy and her husband, Dougie Crawford company). As if Chemmy wasn't enough, she had another Team GB athlete, Pam Thorburn share her knowledge, Charlie who has come up through the European juniors and CDC programmes, and Cam, a highly qualified coach and instructor.

The days were divided into freeski and drills with our coaches in small groups in the mornings, these were really fun, interesting and subtly enhancing our skills to move towards the gates in the early afternoons.

The gates - Some would say that's why we are here! The first run was a little bit intimidating, however in for a penny, in for a pound, and with a smile on my face, a missed gate here and there, I was keen to go again, and again... The course setting (the distance between it set of gates) is an art in itself, and I believe that shows the height of the skill of our coaches, the courses required concentration, but fluidly delivered challenge, shots of adrenaline, speed, G's, and stories.

We stayed in the Hotel Tirolerhof Tux, a wonderful hotel just 10 mins away from the lift station. Austria is known for its high standards when it comes to 4* plus hotels, so as you can imagine we were well looked after, and extremely comfortable for the duration of our stay.

It was a wonderful experience, inclusive, fun, exciting and well worth doing. What I'm trying to say is, this is skiing with a twist, everyone benefits irrelevant where you feel you sit ability wise, and one of the best ways I have ever started a winter!

So what now - well, we are going to do it all over again, and we would love you to join us for our 2023 Performance camp. They say "if it ain't broken...", so we are repeating exactly the same adventure this December. We have limited places left, so if you would like to be part of it, please follow this link, sign up, read all about it in more detail, and we will get back to you ASAP.