We are excited to introduce you to S.A.M. - Our revolutionary trip platform. We have embraced technology, taken feedback from customers, and believe we have created something that brings group travel planning into a new age.

Seeing is believing... Let S.A.M. help to promote your trip. Where & when with the highlights laid out in a professional and visual manner. Don't yet know who wants
to be part of your next trip... Easy, ask them to simply click and show their interest, or if you already have a pre existing list of participants, ask them to sign up.

You are the organiser, but you have many stakeholders you want and need to involve. Never before has it been so easy to let everyone be a part of the amazing trip or conference you have organised for them.


We already know what a powerful tool S.A.M. is... we are still unlocking its total potential, but those trip organisers using it have really seen the benefits. - Easy to use
- Engaging & Inclusive
- Trackable progress
- Easy communication to all group participants
- Pre defined information requirements (tasks) for participants to complete
- On & Offline capability
- Visual and informative
- Detailed trip itineraries- Trip organisers mobile app
S.A.M. does the work for you!


Call us, we are ready to help on 0333 090 4035 or email hello@truenorthtravel.ski


Our team will take you through the system to set up your page. We can even design your page with your company/ associations branding and colours, which can be used time and time again.


This couldn't be simpler. We have many customers that launch in different ways, we can take you through this process and then tailor the messaging to you. We can also monitor the uptake from our end and help with optimisation.


Every group is an individual, so at the point of launch we will set specific "tasks" for your invitees to carry out at agreed points in time. Some information we require to operate your booking, but you as the organiser can add any other additional tasks/ information requirements. 

Sharing the load

 At anytime you can add members to your team who you want to help you with the trip. You can message individuals and the whole group with updates. We will also update the itinerary information as we get closer to departure, which all the attendees will be able to access. It's very easy and will save massive amounts of time.

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