Not just the average day!


Chelski, Hemel Hempstead, The Snow Dome - The UK has some great facilities throughout the country. If you want to give your clients and staff a slightly different day out, this is a cost effective and fun way to engage with your stakeholders and can be combined with many other elements depending on the location chosen.



A fun day, at whatever time of the year. A great place to meet in a small or larger group, enjoy the relaxed "alp" environment - big tables and trestle seating to congregate around. Then on to skiing, 2 hours on the snow, followed by some well deserved food, drinks and banter. 


To make the day more rememberable, and to have a sense of achievement, you have your own ski coaches. We work with some of the best in the ski industry, and once in your groups they will take you through some fun drills to help you improve and give you something to put into practice the next time you hit the slopes. No one is left out and the guidance is very individual. 

Multiple Locations

The UK has a very good infrastructure of indoor snow centres, add to that specialist facilities with revolving carpets, and of course the traditional dry slopes. Some of our groups like to come down to London, then after skiing head towards The West End to catch a show, or team meal out.

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