Most of us have dreams of places we want to visit and things we want to experience before we fall off our mortal coil. At True North we love travel and adventure, its why we do what we do!
When we started the business, apart from wanting to offer great service, integrity and innovation and build a brand we could be proud of we also vowed to enjoy doing what we do and to have some fun along the way. The bucket list is our gift to ourselves and we are going to invite you along for the ride!


A one off, bespoke tour taken from one of the True North teams bucket list. Being predominantly ski focused we are really lucky to have skied in resorts all over the world but we still have destinations we want to ski and all sorts of other dreams we want to realise that aren't skiing related - It could be sailing across an ocean, a cycling challenge, road-trip or surfing an infamous break.
We plan to share this experience with you - So periodically we will be offering a limited number of places on the tour of a lifetime. It will be organised and attended by us to the same exacting standards as the rest of our tours.

  • Limited spaces - Up to 16 people
  • Bespoke duration/ itinerary
  • 100% Financial Protection
  • An experience to remember
  • A one off tour not in our programme
  • Sense of adventure required (as we will be experiencing it for the first time)


We would love to organise your very own "bucket". Our network is vast, so come to us with your idea and let us work out the logistics to make it happen.

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